Aran Clyne

Paws for Conservation

Areas Covered: United Kingdom

Aran Clyne has been training and handling detection dogs since 2012, with qualifications in tobacco, cash, drugs and explosives handling. From 2014, Aran took a keen interest in the use of dogs for wildlife detection, training and utilising dogs for bat and bird mortality surveys on windfarms, pine marten scat detection, ivory/pangolin scale and product of animal origin detection, detecting endangered species smuggled through ports, and Great crested newt (GCN) detection. Aran trained up multiple dogs in these disciplines, for work in the UK and Asia, and worked his dogs operationally in the UK, focusing mainly on bat/bird and GCN. Aran also held taster sessions, showcasing his dogs talents for members of the public that were keen to learn about conservation dogs, and also appeared with his dogs on a variety of television programmes, including Springwatch, Countryfile and The One Show.

Currently, Aran is working for Paws for Conservation, which offer fully trained bat/bird carcass and soon to be trained Great Crested Newt detection dog teams. Aran holds a class 1 GCN survey licence, as well as a licence to keep GCN in captivity, for the purpose of training detection dogs. Aran is also a qualified assessor