Paul Bunker

Paul Bunker

Chiron K9, Principal

Areas Covered: USA

Paul Bunker served in the British Army as a Canine Trainer/Instructor/Assessor for over 22 years. During this time, he was the Senior Instructor/Trainer of Specialist Detection Dog/Handler Training for the UK and US Military.

He established and was the Senior Technical Advisor for the Dept. of Defense’s Specialized Search Dog program and program manager on advanced canine detection research for the Navy/United States Marine Corp. He is the founder and Principal of Chiron K9, a consulting and training company focused on canine detection.

He has supported canine detection research with universities, and Federal agencies. Additionally, he has developed unique training programs and protocols to support conservation projects. He is a author and co-author of canine detection research papers and the workbook “Imprint Your Detection Dog in 15 Days”.